Hottest Jobs in the U.S.

Female hospital administrative in a modern medical centerJob hunting is a balance of art and science. Many parts of the job hunt are subjective, such as resume formatting and how to answer tricky questions during an interview. Dick Bolles, author of the best-selling job-hunting book in the world What Color is Your Parachute?, teaches readers how to give yourself the greatest advantage in your job hunt. Bolles says that job hunters typically fall into three categories:

  • Those who follow luck
  • Hunters who rely on intuition
  • And those with a step-by-step process

Job seekers who use the step-by-step process are the most successful. If you’re thinking of finding a new job, now is the time to start, and using research as one of your first steps will help you land one of this year’s hot jobs.

Earlier this year, Glassdoor, the fastest growing jobs and recruiting site, released the 25 Best Jobs in America, which rank jobs according to three factors:

  • Earning potential (median annual base salary)
  • Career opportunities rating
  • A number of job openings

Here are the top three hottest jobs from that list.

The #1 hottest job for 2016: Data Scientist

A data scientist is defined as someone who does data analysis to present findings to executives. This is an evolution (or, as in some cases, a renaming) of the data analyst position. It also happens to be the “sexiest job” of the 21st century according to an article in the Harvard Business Review. To be a data scientist, you need to combine knowledge of computer science, modeling, statistics, and analysis to retrieve findings from data.

There are currently more than 1,700 openings for data scientists listed on Glassdoor and the median salary is $116,840. The career opportunities rating is 4.1 and the job score is 4.7. Take a look at ACC’s Data Analytics, Health Data Analytics, Computer Science or Mathematics programs to gauge your interest in these related fields.

Business people with charts and graphsThe #2 hottest job for 2016: Tax Manager

A tax manager oversees all tax plans for people and organizations. They ensure all tax matters adhere to governmental guidelines and provide advice on tax-related issues. A tax manager must have knowledge of local, international, and global tax laws, depending on the client’s needs, and must complete tax returns. A degree in accounting or taxation is usually required.

There are more than 1,500 job openings on Glassdoor for this position, with a median base salary of $108,000. The career opportunities rating is 3.9 and the job score is 4.7. At ACC, our Accounting program will equip you with the knowledge to being your journey to becoming a tax manager.

The #3 hottest job for 2016: Solutions Architect

A solutions architect is someone who designs applications or services in an organization that solves problems for clients. This person must be savvy technically and business-wise with great communication skills. Previously, this role may have been a systems analyst or IT consultant. This person selects the right technology to solve a problem and usually has a team who will implement the solution. The International Association of Solution Architect (IASA) has laid out a development path for those interested in this career.

On Glassdoor, there are more than 2,900 openings for solutions architects. The median base salary is $119,500 and it has a career opportunities rating of 3.5 and a job score of 4.6. If you’re interested in this career, ACC’s Computer Technology and Business programs are great places to start.

Landing a Top Job

The top rankings in the list are mostly for tech jobs, which has been a consistent trend for years. If technology isn’t your forte, jobs like human resources manager (#6) and marketing manager (#14) also made the list. There are number of great career paths you can follow with the right focus and education.

The best way to approach your job hunt is to prepare yourself while actively seeking opportunities. By attending classes at Arapahoe Community College, you’ll be able to enhance your skills in an area related to the field you’d like to work in. Never deny yourself a chance to land your dream job because of a lack of education or knowledge in a field; rather, invest in your education so you have the best chances for a great future.

Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Dena, Disability Services / Student Life

Jennifer Dena, ACC Student Support Specialist

Jennifer Dena, ACC Student Support Specialist

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Dena.

I have a pretty unique role at ACC. My official title is Student Support Specialist; I split my time between the Disability Services office (65%) and the Student Life office (35%). In Disability Services, I serve as a Specialist: determining students’ eligibility to receive support services, certifying that documentation of a disability is complete and appropriate, resolving conflicts that arise throughout the semester, acting as an advocate when needed, making referrals to appropriate services, and maintaining student records. In the Student Life office: I coordinate New Student Orientation for incoming students and their families; assist in the preparation of orientation events and materials; follow up with incoming students through phone calls, e-mails and/or other communication methods; and oversee the creation and implementation of various activities and events offered through the Student Life office. It is a well-rounded position, which gives me a lot of variety, and an opportunity to work with lots of different people around campus.

If you are interested in receiving accommodation services through Disability Services, schedule an intake appointment with one of our specialists as soon as possible. We will discuss options with you and collaboratively determine your accommodation needs. Every student is different and what works for one student may not work for another, so in Disability Services, we make decisions on an individual case-by-case basis.

Our mission is to collaborate with members of the ACC campus community to assist in providing student support services to create a learning environment that promotes access and encourages success for all students.

To request accommodations, contact the Disability Services office to schedule an appointment, or 303.797.5937. The time needed for implementation of services can vary based on the services requested.

Appointments can be scheduled at the Littleton Campus Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.  You can also schedule an appointment to meet with me at the Parker campus, Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm, or the Castle Rock campus, Wednesdays 3pm-5pm.

Want to know a little secret? We will be changing our department name from Disability Services to Student Access Services during the summer.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

by Jennifer Dena, ACC Student Support Specialist

The Web(site) We Weave: What is Important to You on a College Website

Navigating your way to and through college can be a daunting task. The college website shouldn’t make it more difficult. With this in mind, we’d love to get your feedback regarding what is most important for you on a college website. Your input will help us continue to improve what we offer on our website and how you navigate to those items. If you have additional feedback, please email us at

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Thank you so much for your participation. With your help, we can keep Moving Mountains toward a better, user-friendly website.

ACC’s Web Team

Students Shine at ACC Parker

Visit ACC Parker where passion meets opportunity and students shine in the classroom and beyond.

Whether you are a first time or returning student, we have a passionate staff to help you Move Mountains!

We’ve also been told we are very fun and have a reputation for doling out copious amounts of coffee and cookies (and sometimes fresh fruit).

But enough about us, let’s hear about our students! Enjoy some words of wisdom from our Fall 2015 ACC Parker Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinksi and take a peek at some of our programs and offerings that let our students shine!

Fall 2015 ACC Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Fall 2015 Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Fall 2015 Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Professor Shannon Roybal nominated Rosalyn for ACC Parker Student Spotlight and highlighted her contributions to the classroom, dedication to learning, and compassion and work in the larger community. Professor Roybal shared that Rosalyn is an inspiration and stated “our class is made better with her presence, as are any of the students who are lucky enough to have such a gentle, warm-hearted, dedicated person at their side.”

Rosalyn wrote:
 “After many years of being out of school, I have returned to earn my teaching degree in Special Education.  My Advisor, instructors and staff at both the Littleton and Parker ACC campuses have been most helpful in making me feel special and important in support of my goal to return to college.  Both the in-classroom and online classes I have taken so far have been a fun, challenging yet rewarding experience.  My advice to new students is to move forward toward your goals one day at a time.  Life will throw curve balls at you as you pursue your dreams, but keep going anyway.  You are worth achieving your dreams! “

Rosalyn, we are proud of your hard work at ACC and beyond!

Check out our photos below for glimpse of our students that shine at ACC Parker.

BIO 202 students Penny Jackman and Deidra Stewart conducting experiments during their hematology lab.

BIO 202 students Penny Jackman and Deidra Stewart conducting experiments during their hematology lab.

EMT students get ready for an evening of ambulance work and simulations.

EMT students get ready for an evening of ambulance work and simulations.

CNA students Halana Causey and Bynkha Dene taking vitals as they prepare for practicals and state certification.

CNA students Halana Causey and Bynkha Dene taking vitals as they prepare for practicals and state certification.

Want to learn more and see how you can shine with ACC?
Call 303.734.4822 or email and be sure to check out our ACC Parker website for the latest information on course offerings and events.

Stay tuned, too, for updates on our ACC Parker Campus expansion and renovations!

ACC Parker. Where passion meets opportunity.

by Stephanie Flores, ACC Parker staff

Get to Know Your ACC Campus Police

ACC Police Sergeant Kieth Moreland

ACC Police Sergeant Kieth Moreland

Some interesting things about your Arapahoe Community Campus Police Department (ACC PD – Patrol Services). There are eight full-time sworn members of the ACC PD: a chief, a sergeant, and six police officers. These eight have a total of over 136 combined years of police service, they have served 13 other agencies ranging from east coast to west, filling big city, to county, to small town law enforcement roles. They speak nine other languages, other than English (3-Spanish, 1-German, and one officer who speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telengu).

Three have held executive law enforcement positions with experience in creating policy, as well as establishing training goals and managing records, evidence & property, along with workplace internal personnel matters.

Any patrol officer can also serve in an investigator capacity for complex cases, as required. Most all are proficient in the processing of latent fingerprints and crime scene photography. Four are current and former firearm instructors. Two are FBI and/or LAPD SWAT trained crisis/hostage negotiators. Six of the eight are Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trained – prepared to deal with persons who have mental health issues, or are developmentally disabled. All are trained in various weapons necessary for the job. Most all are trained and currently certified in in Traumatic Injury (i.e., gunshot wound) First-Aid, CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) response. Three are Bike Patrol certified.

Additionally, we have two full-time Dispatchers, one who is also CIT trained (for tele communicators) and is a Police Records Manager. The other Dispatcher is also trained as a Victim-Witness Advocate and Property Technician.

Campus Police serve from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekends generally from about 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They are available at (303) 797-5800.

by Kieth Moreland, ACC Police Sergeant

How to be Successful on the Math College Placement Test

ACC Math Professor Alexsis Venter teaching.

ACC Math Professor Alexsis Venter teaching

Placement testing at ACC has changed in the last semester.  The new test called the Community College Placement Test (CCPT) is offered by appointment only and is designed to be taken only once. The math portion takes about 90 minutes.

It is important that students come prepared so the mathematics department has developed FREE placement test preparation materials. Students have the option to either work through a workbook or through an online course at their own pace or attend a 4-hour boot camp style course designed to brush off the cobwebs that may have formed.

All of these options have been designed specifically for the new College Placement Test by ACC Faculty. Best of all, you can get all the FREE help you need in the Math Support Center in M2850 during operating hours.

by Patricia Anderson, ACC Mathematics Department Chair