The Web(site) We Weave: What is Important to You on a College Website

Navigating your way to and through college can be a daunting task. The college website shouldn’t make it more difficult. With this in mind, we’d love to get your feedback regarding what is most important for you on a college website. Your input will help us continue to improve what we offer on our website and how you navigate to those items. If you have additional feedback, please email us at

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Thank you so much for your participation. With your help, we can keep Moving Mountains toward a better, user-friendly website.

ACC’s Web Team

3 thoughts on “The Web(site) We Weave: What is Important to You on a College Website

  1. Students who are searching for classes have a difficult time navigating the current system. They don’t always know what department the course they’re looking for resides in. It should be possible to search the entire schedule book alphabetically.

  2. Search for classes by a variety of filters. View the schedule of all courses/sections. Register. View my schedule. Check grades. Everything else is fluff.

  3. It is impossible to find the catalogue in faculty tab, which was frustrating when I tried to advise a student with a DwD. I then used student tab and I could not find it there. A distinct tab/link front and center needs to be designated “catalogue”. Thanks! Rosann

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