What’s New in Biology at ACC

Looking for an interesting biology class to fulfill your course requirements? Want to get credits faster? Check out a couple of great options for the biology courses this fall at ACC.

BIO 204 – Microbiology

ACC A&P students working in classDo you need to take Microbiology (BIO204) this fall? Here is an amazing opportunity! The human body is colonized by a vast number of microorganisms, especially in your gut, that profoundly shape your health. Our understanding of how these 24/7 house guests contribute to us being healthy, or not-so-healthy, is the focus of many recent on-going research projects, from autoimmune diseases to identifying criminals! If you are interested in learning more about how scientists can identify the microbiome of a person and compare between other people to learn about disease progression, then sign up for Bio 204 102 for fall 2019. In this Integrated Research section of Microbiology, you will review and understand current research projects in this area as well as use biotechnology to identify your own gut flora!
Space is limited for students interested in a research based Microbiology course.
BIO 204 102 CRN: 22089

BIO 201 and BIO 202 (Anatomy & Physiology I & II)

New for Fall 2019! Do you need to complete BIO 201 and BIO 202 for your degree requirements in Nursing, Paramedicine, or Mortuary Science? Now you can complete them both in one semester and be on your way to your career goals that much faster. The quantity and rigor of content will be equivalent to a traditional class, but it will meet 4x/week (Monday through Thursday) to allow for the accelerated pace. BIO 201 will run from the start of the term to mid-October, and BIO 202 will run from mid-October until the term ends. For questions or more information, please contact jessica.blatecky@arapahoe.edu.
Take advantage of the great new things happening in biology and register today!
by Rachel Willard and Jessica Blatecky, ACC Biology faculty

Get a Human Approach to Biology in Spring 2019

Biology students at ACC during labDid you know…?

The biology department has a course that covers basic human anatomy and physiology with a focus on wellness, nutrition, and disease prevention? It has lots of amazing labs like blood typing, EKGs, DNA fingerprinting, urinalysis, and even a CADAVER WORKSHOP!

It’s BIO104 Biology – A Human Approach.

There is a traditional version and a hybrid version. Both have a lab that meets once a week. There are two sections running Spring 2019:

BIO 104 101
Lecture: Monday/Wednesday, 9 – 10:15am
Lab: Wednesday, 10:30am – 12:20pm

BIO 104 301
Lecture: Online
Lab: Tuesday, 4 – 5:50pm

It’s a GT (guaranteed transfer) science class. This would be great for you if you are in one of our healthcare programs or need a transferable lecture/lab science course. Talk to your advisor about how to apply this class to your degree or certificate!

by Rachel Willard, ACC Biology Faculty

ACC EMS Instructors – Touching Lives, Inspiring Others

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” –Solomon Ortiz

ACC EMS Students during joint simulation activity.

ACC EMS Students during joint simulation activity.

Every teacher I have encountered in my 19 years of life, has had some sort of impact in my life for various reasons. But up until college no one has impacted me the way my instructors, Bill, Peter and Jordan have. I’m not entirely sure as to why, maybe it’s because of their passion for EMS or maybe because they just impact everyone they meet. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad I’ve met them. Not only have they impacted me in my career, but also in my personal life. I have always been very interested in the medical field, but I didn’t necessarily have someone to look up to, now I have three. Jordan inspires me and pushes me to become better as an EMT since day one. She was intimidating because well, I am very shy, but she’s made sure that I broke that and made sure that I felt confident in the things I do as a student. I remember one day she implied to our lab class that she was going to make sure we were efficient EMTs once we were done with this program. One week left of the program and she is absolutely right. 3 months ago, I would have never thought I would be able to think outside the box to save a life, now thanks to her I am positive our lab will have no issues in the future. Jordan is young, she’s only 20 years old, but that girl sure knows exactly what she is doing; and she doesn’t play around when she is out in that ambulance providing care for her patients. I hope to stay in contact with her after we are done with the program, because I still have so much to learn from her; not only that, but she is such a great motivator, she sure knows how to push us to our limit to ensure that we know how to handle pressure. Now I know that out there in the field I will be prepared to control my adrenaline for each call thanks to her.

Peter is the type of guy who speaks the truth whether we want to hear it or not, but he doesn’t do it to hurt us, he does it to make sure that we become better. Peter was very intimidating when I met him, heck he still is intimidating today. See I am not the one to participate in class, nor be put on the spotlight; but he wasn’t going to budge and he was expecting us to participate as much as we could. There were many times I wanted to just run out of the classroom because I felt like I was his target. Not the case at all, he just want us to come out of our little shells and learn to communicate our ideas and thoughts with each other. He has helped me a lot with my stage fright, and he too has made me think outside the box. He has made sure I have spoken enough during class, that now I am sure to speak my mind in a professional matter that will come in handy once I’m out in the field. When I did my clinical rides, I thought there is just no way I’ll be able to talk with these people who are really experienced in EMS. But honestly thanks to the class Peter gave us, I was able to ask all the right questions whether it was about documentation, or about certain calls; I was able to actually understand dispatch way better after our radio communications lab. Peter went out of his way to ensure that we were understanding absolutely everything we were learning in his class would be accurate and related to what we would see out in the field. 124 has taught me so much, and I believe it had to do with who was teaching it. I hope Peter stays teaching that class because he has a lot to bring to the table. He knows how to make it a very interactive class, and he also cares a lot about our careers; whether we are EMTs, Firefighters, or Police officers. He makes sure we understand how everything works in EMS, and will point us in the right direction. And I appreciate what he has done in my life because of that I was able to grow in my career as a future EMT.

Bill Spialek, ACC EMS Department Chair

Bill Spialek, ACC EMS Department Chair

And as always the best is saved for last. Where do I begin expressing the impact Bill has done in my life. Put it this way,  Bill is like my Paramedic step dad. He has taught me way too much that sometimes I’m amazed at how far I’ve come thanks to him. Not only is he a great instructor, he makes has ensured that we are comprehending the material and also makes sure we become great EMTs one day. Everyone knows him, and I finally understand why, it’s because not only is he a great Paramedic, but also because he is such a great human being. When I started the course I thought what the heck am I doing here, I thought maybe being an EMT isn’t for me, but now I am sure that it is thanks to him. Out of every single instructor I have had, Bill is the one I look up to the most. When he walks by I think wow, one day I want to be like him. And not just me, many of my classmates have also said that. It’s because we know that it takes a lot to teach student, and even more so training someone to save lives. He has the courage like I haven’t seen before, because maybe he has wanted to throw the towel in and give up, but because of his passion for EMS is the reason why this EMT program has became better. Talking to an EMT tech at PSL, who actually went through the program before Bill took over was so glad to hear how improved the program has become. I gave her a breakdown of the program Bill has designed and she said there is no doubt that my instructor knows exactly what he is doing, and she can also sense that he is sending prepared and honest EMT student out there. I agree with her, Bill has put so much into this program, which allows us to have quality training compared. From the uniform to morbid humor, from the communication to the skills; no one else could train us the way we have been trained by Bill without being so passionate about what they do. I am glad I am making it to the end of this program a better and improved human being, someone who is prepared to go out and make my instructors proud. My classmates and I are so thankful for being part of the ACC EMT program. Great people and great professionals receiving quality learning all start in the classroom, it all starts with a great and honest instructor with such passion about EMS.


Spialek, William –Program Director/Instructor
Brehm, Jordan –Lab Instructor
Rousseau, Peter -124 Instructor
Cesaro, Dana -EMT
ACC EMT 121 -Program

Discover Healthcare Career Opportunities

Past ACC Healthcare Career Day event.

Past ACC Healthcare Career Day event.

Jobs. We all have to have one, but who wants just a job? Who doesn’t long for a career which not only pays the bills, but also gives us a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing that we made a difference in the lives of those we have touched? While there are many such career options available, for a fantastic group of people, the answer to such a yearning is found in healthcare careers. One would be hard pressed to find an industry as varied, with as many options, and which provides such a strong impact on the lives of all people as the healthcare industry.

Coming out of the worst economic recession in recent history, where many people were forced to scramble for a job which could just see them through the worst of the recession, many people are now looking to rebuild a new career, which can provide not only satisfaction, but stability. It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing and most stable today, and has been for quite some time. In fact, the healthcare industry was one of the few which seems to have been largely unaffected by the recession. Additionally, the healthcare industry as a whole will see continued growth well into 2022, with a projected growth of 29%, adding 5 million jobs, in contrast with the 11% growth of other sectors, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. These jobs are not just confined to doctors, and nurses, but include all realms of the industry, including support staff, billing, health and wellness, laboratory, physical therapy, pharmacy, in-home care givers, CNAs, and paramedicine – especially in light of the Affordable Care Act and in large part due to the increasing number of aging U.S. citizens.

With these factors, it is no wonder why so many people think about getting into a career in healthcare. Whether you are currently working in the field or know someone who is, a current student in a healthcare degree program, or just thinking about a career in healthcare, the Arapahoe Community College Healthcare Career Day offers solutions for your needs. Leading area employers will be available to discuss current opportunities during the career fair. Representatives from Arapahoe Community College as well as four-year universities offering advanced and dual enrollment healthcare programs will be available to discuss educational options necessary to land one of these excellent opportunities. Scholarship and financial aid representatives will be present to discuss options for financing your education; and job search, resume, and interviewing assistance will be available to all job seekers who want a leg up on the competition!

This event is brought to you free of charge by the Arapahoe Community College Career and Transfer Center, and is open to all current Arapahoe Community College students and alumni, as well as future students, and the community at large! With so much to gain and nothing to lose, come and explore your options for a bright, stable, and rewarding career in the healthcare industry on Wednesday, November 4th, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm at Arapahoe Community College! 

The Healthcare Career Day not only gives you an incredible opportunity to explore a variety of healthcare professions right on your own college campus. It can also motivate you to prepare for the job application process, because you don’t want to walk into the fair empty-handed! Whether you are simply exploring your options, considering internships, or applying for a specific position, this is your chance to ensure that your resume and cover letter are polished and ready to present to potential employers. The career counselors in the Career and Transfer Center can help you create, edit, and finalize these critically important documents before you attend the Healthcare Fair. It is essential to work on your resume and cover letter well in advance of the fair so that you can produce quality products. Take advantage of our services, which are free and accessible to all ACC students and alumni! Either make an individual appointment to see a career counselor or visit us during our walk-in hours. It is best if you bring your laptop or thumb drive with your files on it so that we can work on everything during our meeting. On the day of the fair, make sure to come with plenty of copies of your resume and cover letter to hand out to potential employers as you meet with them.

The Healthcare Career Day is also an opportunity to make an outstanding impression on potential employers through physical presentation and professional, informed interactions with the people you meet. Even if you aren’t fully ready to apply for open positions, it is a chance to build your network, practice your interviewing skills, and pitch your 30 second commercial. What is a 30 second commercial, also known as the “elevator pitch”? Similar to your resume, cover letter, and eventual interview, the 30 second commercial is a marketing tool, and the subject you are selling is YOU – your experience, personal characteristics, education, skills, and strengths as they pertain to the position you are seeking. It is a short but densely packed explanation of who you are professionally that you can deliver quickly and confidently when you meet someone who could potentially hire you or connect you to someone who can. You can use your 30 second commercial anywhere you think you have a chance at a job lead – career fair, networking event, chance meeting in an elevator, even a family gathering. It is critical to prepare and practice this before you start using it, so that you feel confident and energized when you meet with and present yourself to people. There are multiple ways to approach the 30 second commercial, but a simple rubric you can follow is provided here:

I am a _____________________________________________________________________
(Professional identity:  i.e. recent physical therapist assistant graduate, medical office technology professional, etc.)

With demonstrated skills/experience in 3-4 areas related to the target position:

In: (industries:  higher education, public, private sector)

I bring strengths in:

Close strong
“I am seeking an entry level accounting position in the health care industry. Do you know of any opportunities that might be a good fit? Do you have any suggestions of who I might speak with about career opportunities?”

Finally, dress smart, as if you are walking into an interview. It is not uncommon for students to be interviewed on the spot by the employer, so be ready for anything! If you look and act the part you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And, be sure to peruse all the employers at the fair if you can, and not just one or two. You never know what you might discover, because when you approach an event like this with confidence, determination, and an open mind, anything is possible!