Family Law Clinic

LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES.  What if you get into a car accident today, or a loved one passes away, or your landlord gives you an eviction notice with seven days to vacate your apartment?  Would you seek help from a lawyer?  If not, under what circumstances would you seek help from a lawyer?

What discourages you from seeking legal help?  We want to know.

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If you need legal help regarding a family law matter but cannot afford a lawyer, we’ve got great news for you! The ACC Paralegal Club and the 18th Judicial District Access to Justice Committee is hosting a free Family Law Clinic:

February 10, 2016 3-6 p.m.
ACC’s Main Campus, Littleton, CO

The Family Law Clinic is serving unrepresented parties from Arapahoe, Douglas, and Elbert Counties.  Free parking is providing in all ACC parking lots.

Family Law Clinic Presentation Schedule:

3:00-3:15    Opening Remarks by Magistrate Moss
3:15-3:30    Adoption/Grandparents’ Rights Session
3:30-3:45    Questions and Answers
3:45-4:15    Divorce/Child Support/Property Division Session
4:15-4:30    Questions and Answers
4:30-4:45    Allocation of Parental Responsibilities Session
4:45-5:00    Mediation Information Session
5:00-5:15    Questions and Answers
5:15-5:30    Court Services Information Session
5:30-5:45    Unbundled Legal Services
5:45-6:00    Questions and Answers

The general public is welcome to come and receive free legal information.  Volunteer attorneys will answer questions and explain the process and procedure for the area of family law.

Please feel free to provide any other comments or responses regarding legal fees to help us better service your needs.  Thank you.