Arapahoe Community College will host Start Now! enrollment expo on July 22

Start Now Orientation 2017Arapahoe Community College will offer an opportunity for anyone to begin the process of enrolling in Fall 2017 classes with its Start Now! orientation and registration event on Saturday, July 22, from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Littleton and Parker campuses.

Start Now! will provide all students who have applied to ACC – but are not yet registered – with the opportunity to complete new student orientation and free English/math assessment testing while receiving assistance with career/academic advising, financial aid and registration during this one-day session. Refreshments will be available.

The event will include tours of the College, and staff will be on hand to help answer any questions you may have about ACC’s programs, beginning your college career, and paying for college. Please bring your 2015 tax forms if you are interested in free assistance with completing the FAFSA.

Nursing simulation activityAttendees at the Parker campus – where students can now complete their Associate of Arts / Associate of Science degrees in their entirety – can tour the newly-remodeled science labs and classrooms designed to maximize experiential and collaborative learning. Parker-area students can now study natural sciences, math, health, and computer science closer to home.

At ACC, we offer both quality and value. ACC has nearly 100 associate degree and certificate programs, and credits are guaranteed to transfer into Colorado’s four-year public institutions. Our instructors are experts in their field, and classes are available both online and at our campuses in Littleton, Parker and Castle Rock.

RSVP now for Start Now! at Littleton or Parker. Don’t forget to have test scores and/or high school transcripts ready when you RSVP. For more information about Start Now!, or to apply for admission to ACC, please contact Student Recruitment and Outreach at or 303.797.5637.

ACC Parker Campus Community Spotlight: Jason Tempest

Jason Tempest, ACC Student

Jason Tempest, ACC Student

Each semester the ACC Parker Campus team invites faculty, staff and students to nominate students who they believe demonstrate outstanding academic, personal, professional, and/or community achievements.

Jason Tempest was selected as our Spring 2016 ACC Parker Campus Student Spotlight.  English instructor Ms. Laurie Wasmund nominated Jason and shared that he was a valued and trusted contributor in her class.  He regularly earned high marks on all his writing assignments.  But most impressively, was his willingness to approach difficult topics and boarded the conversation in the class in thoughtful and intellectual ways.  Jason’s keen sense of ethical integrity and well-developed social consciousness made us believe that he will effectively use the information he has gathered at ACC, and become a great mentor for others.

We invited Jason to share his journey and experience at ACC and our Parker Campus via a short interview.  We especially appreciated his candid and brilliant ideas and suggestions to any ACC students on how to survive and manage your college career at ACC.

How long have you attended classes at Arapahoe Community College?

I have been attending since the Fall of 2015.

How long have you taken classes at the ACC Parker Campus?

I was lucky enough to have all of my classes at the ACC Parker Campus during the Fall of 2015 and had to split half of them at the Littleton Campus for Spring of 2016.

What are you studying and why?

Here at ACC I’m working toward my AA with a designation in Psychology. This degree will help me move toward my goal of earning a Masters in Psychology. Once that is complete I can apply for a Licensed Practitioner Councilor (LPC). I look forward to owning my own practice and helping people with the use of therapeutic counseling.

How has ACC and/or the ACC Parker Campus helped you reach your personal and/or academic goals?

The friendly staff at ACC and particularly the Parker Campus have helped me in a variety of ways. Financial and Academic counseling have always been there to keep me on track. The staff have been there to help with day to day problems that arise. The wonderful teachers have given me much insight into organization, writing, editing, and psychology basics. I believe the connections I have made here will no doubt go beyond my academic stay here at ACC.

What advice would you give new students to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond?

A crucial piece of advice to any new student is to be organized. My weekly planner has been my best friend throughout this journey making sure I’m on track with readings, homework, and studying for exams. Do what works for you but find a system that keeps you organized and on track. You honestly get back what you put into your education. The more organized effort you put in your education the better the results will be. Understand that there are a wide range of resources available to you. The writing center, tutors at the Littleton campus, classmates, and the teachers themselves to name a few. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask a question. Teachers are usually happy to answer them. The worst thing you can do is take back seat to your education. I felt that some students in my first math class here at ACC failed to ask critical questions about problems in class. This lead to low test scores and an overall lack of performance. I would advise every student to follow some basic guidelines. Show up every day like your degree depends on it. Take clear and detailed notes of material in class. Set aside time to study, read, and do homework. Creating a habit of scholastic achievement will tremendously help throughout your college career and transfer to life after college. For large assignments like papers and presentations create a timeline to stay on track with the assignment. Waiting until the last day to finish an assignment will create an underdeveloped paper or presentation. Sit near the front of the class and take charge in your in class lectures and discussions. Many times I have learned material by answering wrong in a class discussion. Finally, make sure to take a little bit of time for yourself. See friends, play games, get some sun, and take a short break every now and then. These activities can rejuvenate and empower you to continue with your studies. College doesn’t have to be all notes, lectures, tests, and papers. Meet those people around you and find some activities that help you grow.

Students Shine at ACC Parker

Visit ACC Parker where passion meets opportunity and students shine in the classroom and beyond.

Whether you are a first time or returning student, we have a passionate staff to help you Move Mountains!

We’ve also been told we are very fun and have a reputation for doling out copious amounts of coffee and cookies (and sometimes fresh fruit).

But enough about us, let’s hear about our students! Enjoy some words of wisdom from our Fall 2015 ACC Parker Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinksi and take a peek at some of our programs and offerings that let our students shine!

Fall 2015 ACC Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Fall 2015 Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Fall 2015 Student Spotlight Rosalyn Klasinski

Professor Shannon Roybal nominated Rosalyn for ACC Parker Student Spotlight and highlighted her contributions to the classroom, dedication to learning, and compassion and work in the larger community. Professor Roybal shared that Rosalyn is an inspiration and stated “our class is made better with her presence, as are any of the students who are lucky enough to have such a gentle, warm-hearted, dedicated person at their side.”

Rosalyn wrote:
 “After many years of being out of school, I have returned to earn my teaching degree in Special Education.  My Advisor, instructors and staff at both the Littleton and Parker ACC campuses have been most helpful in making me feel special and important in support of my goal to return to college.  Both the in-classroom and online classes I have taken so far have been a fun, challenging yet rewarding experience.  My advice to new students is to move forward toward your goals one day at a time.  Life will throw curve balls at you as you pursue your dreams, but keep going anyway.  You are worth achieving your dreams! “

Rosalyn, we are proud of your hard work at ACC and beyond!

Check out our photos below for glimpse of our students that shine at ACC Parker.

BIO 202 students Penny Jackman and Deidra Stewart conducting experiments during their hematology lab.

BIO 202 students Penny Jackman and Deidra Stewart conducting experiments during their hematology lab.

EMT students get ready for an evening of ambulance work and simulations.

EMT students get ready for an evening of ambulance work and simulations.

CNA students Halana Causey and Bynkha Dene taking vitals as they prepare for practicals and state certification.

CNA students Halana Causey and Bynkha Dene taking vitals as they prepare for practicals and state certification.

Want to learn more and see how you can shine with ACC?
Call 303.734.4822 or email and be sure to check out our ACC Parker website for the latest information on course offerings and events.

Stay tuned, too, for updates on our ACC Parker Campus expansion and renovations!

ACC Parker. Where passion meets opportunity.

by Stephanie Flores, ACC Parker staff