How Does Our Political Process Compare to Other Countries?

Comparative Government posterAlready tired of the media’s 24/7 coverage of a presidential election that is still nearly a year away?

Sick of paid political ads and phone calls?

Our U.S. presidential election cycle is an incredible two years long. How do other countries choose their leaders? Do they take two years* and spend vast amounts of money?

Come find out…enroll in POS 225, Comparative Government, on Thursdays this spring from 1:00-2:15PM in Room 4130.

* Hint: Great Britain elects their Prime Minister in SIX WEEKS! Imagine – six weeks, beginning to end.

Our Comparative Government course not only addresses alternate methods of choosing leaders but looks at systems of governance, structure, policy development, political socialization and culture for nine key countries in the world today (including China, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, and Russia). Learn to apply political concepts in your every day life to evaluate developments in the world around you…Please join us in POS 225!

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by Mary Carr, Chair, Department of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Sociology